Better off without Trident?

In April, Bruce Kent, former General Secretary of CND, called in to Birstall Coffee Shop as part of a national tour he is conducting on the future use of nuclear weapons.  In particular he is anxious that not enough is known about, or is being done about, the plan to replace Trident nuclear submarines.  The next big decision on whether to replace Trident comes up in 2015 and at the moment, there seems to be precious little in the way of active opposition.

Bruce recommended the joint Methodist document “Better off without Trident” - copies of which are being made available to all Circuit churches.  It outlines the Methodist Church’s national opposition to the replacement programme.  The document begins: “Trident is likely to cost the UK a staggering 3.7 billion per year over the next 15 years.  In addition to moral and ethical concerns, there are also serious economic arguments against renewing it.  Trident is a large drain on our budget with very little to show for it.  Consequently we would all be better off without Trident.

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