Lay witness Weekend

After months of preparation, Birstall hosted a weekend entitled "Sharing God's Love" and led by a visiting team from the Lay Witness Movement.  The Movement's strap-line is "Ordinary people sharing the extraordinary love of God" and certainly the team that visited Birstall lived up to that.  Many of the team members gave powerful testimony to the way God had been at work in their lives.


The weekend allowed the congregation to spend an extended length of time together over meals and in discussion groups.  This forged new friendships and deepened relationships.  We are grateful to members of Syston who catered for us.

Syston Ladies

The carefully structured material posed ever-deeper questions as the weekend moved from the church building out into coffee mornings in people's homes and then back to church again.  This was not always easy or comfortable - it certainly stirred the church up.  But then seeds don't have a chance to grow in trampled down soil - seedbeds benefit from a bit of stirring up now and then!  Certainly the celebration service we held on Palm Sunday demonstrated that people had been challenged by the weekend and that many had taken more steps on the journey of discipleship.


A children's programme was run in parallel by Jane Williams, our Circuit children's worker employed through the Grace project.  A favourite aspect of this was illustrating Jesus' parables using figures from Playmobil.  Here are two scenes - the hunt for the lost sheep (plus pirates!) and the celebration on finding it!


The Parable of the Lost Coin from Luke Chapter 15 was illustrated by Alexander Kerchey during Birstall's "Sharing God's Love" weekend and was used in our worship to celebrate the weekend.



Music: "O sing to the Lord" from SING WITH THE WORLD: Global Songs for Children, 2008 Wild Goose Resource Group, Iona Community

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