District Messy Church Training Day

Sue Wainwright, of Rothley Methodist Church, reports on a training session she recently attended:

After being given a flyer at Synod to attend a District Messy Church Day at Knightthorpe Methodist Church, with the opportunity to meet Lucy Moore, I thought great, I’ll go along!

The morning started with coffee on arrival and a welcome from Bobby Peach, who introduce Lucy to us! We began with the usual ‘getting to know you’ fun, to see if we could organize ourselves into our birthday months, and perhaps in date order as well, being grownups this was quite easy! However simple it certainly had us all mixing and laughing!


Though most there had Messy Churches up and running, with a visual presentation Lucy took us though her story of how the idea and her involvement with Messy Church began, though I’m sure many had read her books. Throughout we were able to be interactive and sharing our many thoughts and giving views on our Messy Church sessions.


After lunch, several craft ideas were laid out for us to try – this certainly encouraged me to try crafts on a more messy side!

The afternoon finished sitting on the floor listening to Lucy telling a story from a box!

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