Journey’s end—Journey’s beginning…

Between Sept and Nov, the team of Margaret Leftley, Dorothy Hutchinson, Jo Kay and Audrey Baker led a course called “Journey into Prayer”.  It’s now the third time we’ve run this course in the Circuit.  Here they report on the experience:

The Journey into Prayer course has now been completed, but of course the journey continues. We are all "serial beginners!"

This is what participants had to say:-

-      empowering; enlightenment

- the prayer group has reminded me how precious is God's gift of prayer to me

- the whole experience of joining together in prayer is so much more powerful than merely praying alone

- now I realise how much I value a time of quiet and am trying to make it possible every day

- meeting together was a gentle encouragement to experiment with new ways of praying. We all know we should make  time to be in God's presence, so the discipline of being led by the Journey into Prayer Team each week has been enriching.

- this journey reminds me there are many pathways into prayer. I need not get stuck in a rut.  It  is helping me to see God in all things - even a washing line!

"Socks, shirt, trousers, dancing on the line;

Up and down, this way and that;

Line and washing go where breezes take them -

but always securely held.

Like life lived in God's way - not static,

moving in tune with the Spirit and always secure."

 - leading the Journey into Prayer Group has been a special privilege. I have enjoyed this precious experience of travel ling with friends as we have explored our prayer life.

A final word from John Wesley :

"Prayer is the only action that really counts"


Margaret is helping to lead two silent retreats at Douai Abbey on behalf of “Reflect” - the Methodist spirituality and retreat network.  They are from 6-8th Feb or 12-15th May 2015.  

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