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Messy does battling brothers
As a mother of sons, the story of Esau and Jacob - twins who were fighting each other whilst still in the womb - is one of my favourites.  It's a story of trickery and deceit, of falling out and (eventually) of getting on again.  We made "twin pictures";  collages of Esau and Jacob (they weren't identical twins and Esau was much hairier than Jacob!) and clay bowls to remind us of the bowl of lentil stew which Esau exchanged for his birthright.  Highlight of the session was the tug of war down the church aisle!




Birstall Messy Church's celebration of Easter attracted 80 children and adults to a morning of craft and mayhem.  Paint was splattered; beads threaded; sandwiches scoffed; Easter eggs hunted and the story of Jesus' death and resurrection told.  We were delighted to welcome a number of new families and hope they'll be back when we start again on Saturday April 20th from 4-6pm

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